A foundation for lifelong learning


The O’Quinn Schools of Porter-Gaud strive to inspire lives of purpose, learning, and service through cultivating each student’s God-given potential.


By focusing on the social and emotional skills of each child, and through classroom experiences, creative play, new friendships, and intentional instruction, the foundation of an independent and self-reliant student is created. Our teachers encourage group cooperation, listening skills, individual responsibility, and FUN!


We want all of our students to recognize their worth and enjoy the fullness of each day.

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Vision of a Learner


Our Vision of a Learner is foundational to how we develop curriculum and programming.

The O'Quinn School of Porter-Gaud strives to create an educational foundation that goes beyond the basics of learning. We focus on the entire child and believe it takes more than skills and knowledge to become successful learners. We want them to start learning to understand the complex world around them in meaningful ways. 

The concepts begin very simply as children learn to navigate relational skills. We use play as a pathway to interpersonal skills that will be so crucial to development as they grow. 

As students prepare to enter first grade, we make sure they have the academic skills necessary to become lifelong learners who can identify and solve problems, make good decisions, think beyond themselves, and begin their educational journey on strong footing.


The O'Quinn Difference

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